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    Face recognition access control

    1. What is face recognition access control? Face recognition access control is a security access control product based on face recognition technology. It verifies identity by recognizing facial features, thereby […]

    face recognition

    1. What is face recognition? Face recognition is a technology that uses computer technology to identify and verify human faces. It uses a camera or other image acquisition device to […]

    Fraud of all kinds is only going to get worse in the UK and EU

    Digital fraud of all kinds is on the rise in the UK and Europe, with mandatory verification and deepfakes accounting for a larger proportion of cases than before, new research claims. exist[…]

    Microsoft is preparing to unleash Bing AI on Chrome and Firefox browsers

    Bing AI should be available on Edge in other browsers soon, so the army of chrome users out there can get a piece of Microsoft’s chat […]

    Experts warn that AI is an extinction-level threat, and I hope they stop scaring us

    The people building the world's most advanced AI have just signed an urgent and brief statement warning that mitigating AI's extinction-level capabilities is now our most pressing problem […]

    Asus will sell Nvidia AI servers for you to rent

    Taiwanese computer giant Asus is launching AI servers powered by Nvidia hardware that can be installed on-prem to deliver new […]

    SMBs are increasingly turning to AI for help

    More than half (57%) of small businesses are “eager” to expand their knowledge of generative AI and how it can be used to help their […]

    Deloitte launches new AI products targeting specific industries

    Consulting firm Deloitte has teamed up with AI hardware and software provider Nvidia to offer new AI services to businesses. On April 25, the company pushed […]

    Impact of Reddit's decision to charge for data usage

    Despite the rapid growth and popularity of large langua […]

    Google needs to beef up AI search to keep Samsung

    The possibility of Google’s imminent release of a new AI search tool mirrors the cha[…]

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